July 23, 2024


Yes, this is a cookbook.

No, this isn’t a “recipe blog.”  I don’t have advertising or affiliate links or any moneymakers at all, really.  But I have a binder-full-of-recipes and a bookshelf-full-of-cookbooks and it’s a bit of a nuisance, really, so I wanted to make an online cookbook for my own personal use and, eventually, for my kids to use as they move out of the house.  It’s also a bit of a means to teach myself more about WordPress and blogging.  But if you’ve landed here, you are by all means welcome to take a look around, try out my recipes, give me suggestions and generally make yourself at home.

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Finally, a word about copyright:   recipes, as such, are not copyright-able.  This means that it is not a violation of copyright to transcribe a list of ingredients and the basic cooking method for the recipe.   At the same time, if I were to wholly duplicate a recipe including the clever turns of phrase, I would be violating copyright law, and it would likewise be a violation to use someone else’s (non-public domain) photo.  (See “The Definitive Guide to Recipes and Copyright At Paleo Flourish.)   As it happens, some years ago, at my Patheos blog, in one instance in which I featured a recipe (crediting the source but not wholly transcribing the recipe) the author got very upset and insisted I had violated her copyright.  And, yes, I get that she had put a lot of work into the cookbook and certainly would have preferred that I had purchased it than photocopying the recipe(s) I liked — but to be honest, I’m picky in terms of how frequently a recipe is a “keeper” for both ease of prep and taste, and I’m not going to buy a cookbook that only has a small number of such recipes.