April 18, 2024

Train Wreck (Boy Scout breakfast)

Train Wreck

This is a recipe from Boy Scouts, since my husband is a Scoutmaster.  They haven’t had an outing since February, but their usual practice during an outing has been to cook a big breakfast on Saturday morning, and one of the options is “train wreck.” Here, the portions are scaled down for a family.

5 slices bacon (I use center cut bacon), diced

Cubed ham (about 3/4 – 1 lb)

1 onion, diced

1 lb frozen hash browns (half a 2 lb package), preferably thawed

6 eggs, beaten


Cook bacon in large non-stick skillet until fat is rendered and almost crisp, add onion and ham until onion is softened and ham browned.  Set aside.

Cook hash browns in oil until browned and crisp, then add back meat mixture, stir to combine, then pour the eggs on top, and cook, stirring as needed, until eggs are firm.

OR, simultaneously cook hash browns in one (large) skillet, and meat in another skillet, then combine as above.

Serve with syrup as desired.


The original recipe calls for cubed hash browns; the photo above shows shredded hash browns.

I generally try to use less oil than the hash brown package directions call for, adding in more as needed.

The original recipe calls for double the hash browns (whole package) and eggs, and a full 1-lb package of bacon and sausage links. This is deemed to be sufficient for 6 – 8 Scouts.  They’re growing boys, you know.

train wreck

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